Just a Few More Words

The mornings are getting so much warmer. I’d better get to feeling better, so I can get those flower beds turned in time to plant. Otherwise, I know you’ll have my hide.

You have always known what I meant to say, even when I had no idea how to say it. A man is rarely lucky enough to be loved by a woman who can read his mind like that.

Please don’t remember me like this. I would feel better to think you had forgotten me altogether, than to imagine you remembering me like this.

Leaving is easy enough. The hard part is not being able to take you with me. You know what a mess I am in a new place without you.

I am sorry for all the things I started and left for you to finish, but I am so much sorrier for all the things you deserved that I never took the time to start.

We always talked about moving someplace warmer. Why didn’t we ever do that?

I hope I fought hard enough for the things that mattered – and compromised enough on the things that didn’t. I wish I could say I’ve always known the difference, but we both know that’s not true.

Why does that bird sit in that tree and sing at the same time every morning? Have you heard it? Why does he do that?

I’m tired now. Come back tomorrow, and we’ll talk more. There are things I’d like to say, while I still can, but I am so tired now. Promise me you’ll come back.

Please do turn off the light when you go. I can’t reach it from here, and it keeps me from getting back to sleep some nights.

I can’t say how often I told you I love you, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t often enough.

I don’t think I’m ready. Not really. Well, it’s alright. It’ll all be alright.

Just let me have one more kiss, and please remember that light on your way out.

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