Think your opponents are evil? Yes, they are (and so are you).

Democrats think Republicans are hate-filled, racist, xenophobic nazis. They want to control everyone’s life, and force them to conform to the dictates of a theocratic, patriarchal prison state. Think this is an over-statement? Spend twenty minutes watching CNN, another twenty minutes on Twitter and yet another twenty minutes watching any one of the late night “comedians”. This assessment of half America’s population strikes Republicans as odd, since all they want is to be left alone to raise their families in accordance with the Judeo-Christian values that built Western Civilization; keep the money they earned through their own honest labor; and defend the freedom of everyone to speak their minds, without fear of reprisal from an angry woke mob.

Republicans think Democrats are mindless automatons, motivated primarily by envy, greed, racism, self-loathing and hate. They want to control everyone’s life by establishing an Orwellian, all-powerful state that eradicates the dignity of the individual, feeds off the hatred of the lazy to punish the success of the industrious, and forces everyone to conform to the norms of an intellectually vacuous, soul crushing, totalitarian kakistocracy. Think this is an overstatement, spend twenty minutes listening to one of the Daily Wire podcasts, another twenty minutes on Gab and yet another twenty minutes watching OANN. This assessment of half America’s population strikes Democrats as odd, since all they want is to have everyone feel comfortable, warm, fed and good about themselves; have their life choices affirmed as equal in prudence and virtue to everyone else’s; and make sure no one suffers emotional harm from the judgement or ill will of others.

Face reality: both Republicans and Democrats are thoroughly convinced that the other side is evil. The dirty little secret is that on this point, (if on no other) both Republicans and Democrats are correct. Continue reading “Think your opponents are evil? Yes, they are (and so are you).”

Sheep are Deadlier than Wolves

You are dismayed to find that millions of your countrymen prefer slavery to freedom.

Then someone reminds you that freedom is an historical anomaly, while subjugation has been the rule for most of human history. This sense of perspective us supposed to make you feel better.

It doesn’t.

The truth is that we cannot simply focus on the few who seek to oppress us. We also need to confront and vanquish the many in our midst who WANT to be oppressed.

Want Not, Want Not

still-water-leafThe Great Escape

I have become increasingly aware that, no matter how arguably blessed my life may be at any moment, I have limitless capacity to convince myself that my happiness depends on something I lack.

For the past week, temperatures in the Chicago area have stood at record sub-zero levels. Yet I live in a warm, comfortable home. I glide from place to place in a warm comfortable car. Environmental conditions which have wrought widespread human devastation in other places and times are little more than a minor inconvenience to me. Continue reading “Want Not, Want Not”

Send in the Clowns

Last night, the Chicago Bears played a game against the Green Bay Packers. My level of interest in that event is reflected in the fact that a day later, I still have no idea who won. In the midst of doing other, more important things, I stopped into a local pizza shop for a quick slice and a beer. They were broadcasting the game on several televisions, but it was fortunately in some sort of weather delay. Continue reading “Send in the Clowns”